Popcorn time for the poor

We all heard about Popcorn time, a software (already removed from Internet and already reborn) called Netflix for pirated content by some websites.
The main problem with this website was that you cannot select the exact torrent you were interested to watch and you were forced to use their video player.

If you like to use VLC to watch your movies, here is an easy solution to:

  • Download a bittorrent (and exactly the one you want)
  • At the same time, stream it
  • Use your video player

Here is the easy way to do so:

  1. Download Node.js (all downloads are here)
  2. run the following command:
    npm install -g peerflix
  3. To try out peerflix start it with a torrent file:
    peerflix http://vodo.net/media/torrents/Of.Games.Escapes.2011.Xvid-VODO.torrent
  4. Point VLC (or your favorite media player) to the given URL and that’s it.
  5. To get a full list of available options (such as ‘path’ to change where the bittorrent is downloaded), run:
    peerflix --help

You’ll have no nice interface to search for torrent but it’s light and do exactly what I want: allow my friends to watch a torrent as they are downloading it.

Hacked: comeback

So, I found a hack on one of the websites I was taking care of (more details on my previous blog entry). I thought I found the way to get rid of it and I shared it through the comments (I was thinking about writing a post dedicated to cleaning process:

-Create a ‘backup’ directory (for later investigation).
-Copy all files (‘db’ directory, bar.gif and index.php) + HTTPD logs (for analyze) to the ‘backup’ directory
-Rename all files to something like xxx.backup (so that you retain the timestamp if needed and their exact location
-Download the latest version of WordPress and copy the index.php to the root of your current WordPress installation
-Remove all your site from Google (I used Webmaster Tools)
-Index your site again.

But, while writing the new post related to the cleaning process, I noticed that, in fact, I didn’t cleaned it properly as I missed files containing even more ‘spams’. So here is what I found. Continue reading


I’m helping the French bloggers community here in Singapore by taking care of SingapourLesBlogs (AWS server running WordPress). I’m upgrading the server when needed and doing the same with the WordPress plugins when needed (WordPress is updating automatically but still checking it from time to time).

Recently, I was browsing through Google Webmaster Tools and realized that pages crawled per day suddenly exploded (from 127 pages to 2300 pages). So, I looked for all pages indexed by Google for SingapourLesBlogs (you can do it for “site:XXXX.YYY” with XXXX.YYY being your website).
And here they are: I can see a lot of pages which does not belong to the blog and which all redirect to an online merchant – cheapbootsols (the pages themselves are some text and links to other websites – all running WordPress, which automatically redirect to cheapbootsols). Continue reading